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Onboard Car Recognition

System installed on police cars. It recognizes all plates of the cars driving in same direction and opposite direction. The system captures a frame (photo) of every vehicle and also compares the license plate with a local database. In case of coincidence, the system alerts the police with an acoustic and optical signal. It also announce with a voice of the incident detected and the characters of the license plate. The system is controlled trough a touch screen.

Onboard Video Recording

The system records all video capturing during the police work in the road. The format allows to edit the video in the office, do fast searches or run a car recognition software to find a concrete vehicle. All controls are in the touch screen. This system is compatible with the Onboard Car Recognition System.

Onboard Tetra & Tetrapol Car Identification

This communication module optionally operates with the Onboard Car Recognition System. It establishes a secure connection with the police databases trough the encrypted WANs TETRA & TETRAPOL. It makes remote queries to the database to check the status of every vehicle that the police car cross with. In case of coincidence, it does alert to the police with a voice message and a print message in the screen, including the photo of the car detected.

Vehicle Access Control Systems

The powerful of this system is the capability to triple check the License Plate of the car with the finger print of the driver and the proximity card. It is the unique system capable to check 3 different identifications. Optionally it can includes the colour of the car and a symbol recognition of the car. It is the highest security access control form vehicles and drivers. Specifically designed for Government buildings.

Media Safe Red Light

This system detects the cars that overpass the traffic light in red colour. It does capture 5 pictures of the car over passing the traffic light in red, plus one picture of the car where the plate is read plus a zoom in of the plate and finally all data of the infringement: License plate number, date, time, street...


This system includes a Management Module to allow the police to verify the infringements and process the sanction. In case of ambulances or cases were the over passing is justified; the police does not validate the infringement so it is cancelled and not processed.

Speed Recognition

This system is designed to inform the drivers of it speed. It is not designed to sanction them. It is very useful for tunnels and streets in the city where drivers exceed the speed limits consistently. The system calculates the speed through video analysis and can export a picture of the car or the license plate, so the driver can be advised of its speed with a personal message. "Car 1234AB driving at 130Km/h"  "Reduce speed to 120Km/h"

Average Speed Recognition

A video system captures the cars, kilometric point and exact time. Some hundreds of meters later it is again captured. The system calculates the distance, time difference and average speed. All information is encrypted on real time. In case of infraction the system creates a document with both pictures, the data of the captures, License plate and average speed.


The system includes a Management Module to allow the police to validate the infringement and process the sanction.

Tunnel Safety System

This system controls the vehicle flow into the tunnel. In case that a car enters into the tunnel and do not exit in a certain time, it does alert to the maintenance staff.

It also controls that all cars that transit trough the tunnel have the lights on. In case of a vehicle driving with the lights turned off, the system recognizes it and alerts to the driver trough electronic panels.

Also the system can detects trucks driving on the left line, so it also alerts to the driver with a message into the electronic panel.

"Ad Hoc" Developments

Some customers needs very specific developments to solve traffic issues. In SARCOM we do study all requirements and in case the development is affordable technically and economically, we do elaborate a complete technical document that explains the scope of the development, delivery time and budget.










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