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 SARCOM develops artificial vision technologies and products that improve safety and security.


SARCOM engineers have more than 15 years of experience on artificial vision research and development. It’s laboratory has created products that are being used by the Spanish government in the following areas:

   - Traffic management

   - Citizens safety

   - Police security

   - Secure Communications


SARCOM is leader developing traffic management applications based on digital video analysis. 


Contact us to know how can we work together to create the product that solve your security or safety traffic problem. Write us an e-mail to:




SARCOM Mission is to create technologies and products that improves drivers and citizens safety and security, establishing new models of traffic management based on the application of the latest artificial vision technologies



SARCOM cooperates with universities and other laboratories on new technologies research and products development.


Next generation of "green products" based on solar and wind energy are been development in cooperation with the Madrid Industrial Ingineers University through its laboratory of green energy of the fundation for the industria innovation.


Our objective is to work together with the institutions that have more knoledge or expertise in the different reserach areas that directly impact on our developments.


We promote the cooperation between researchers of different areas to create a knoledge cloud that feed to the core of our developments, multiplying our innovation capability to obtain new technologies and products. 

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