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Our engineers work to improve SARCOM technology consistently. This is a constant process that is coordinated in cooperation with some universities as the Polytechnic of Madrid.


A constant effort is doing in the following areas:

Video Analysis

We work on the following technologies to have a deep control of the video analysis:

- Pattern Recognition

We work with geometric patterns to define and recognize different forms. This allow us to identify objects with complex forms.


- Object detection

Through technologies like blob analysis and edge finder we determine the presence of an object, also we can measure it and determine its shape and edge if it is moving, direction and speed.


- Metrology & tolerances

Once we recognize an object we can measure it and work on the different angles of recognition tolerance, projecting the object form from the different angles of view.


- Colour analysis

Based on a colour pattern we work to identify those areas similar to a concrete part of our pattern, so we can identify clear colours. The system can be manually adjusted to improve accuracy for certain applications.


- Character recognition

Based on the font patterns, we work to identify letters and numbers that correspond to one of the patterns ej. Arial Pattern. For License Plate recognition uses, a grammar rule is added to the algorithm so it is easier to identify the license plate and extract its characters.


Intelligent Decision Making Systems

The objective is to create unattended systems with the ability to run without the assistance on an operator. For that reason we are working very hard on a decision making algorithms optimised for very concrete applications, always in the Traffic Management area.


Secure communications

SARCOM is also working to improve the security and performance of the communications between the remote systems installed on the road and the data centre. In this area we are working to perform the encryption algorithms.



Green Research:

Green & Go

Green & GO is a project for public transportation with zero CO2 emissions. The objective is to connect the intercity bus or train with all destinations inside the city. To achieve it, we are working on a singe-seater and tandem electric transport that permit to the bus and train passengers to drive in the city a electric vehicle during the whole day until they return back to their homes. The vehicles will have a range of 100 km so the passengers can make 5 or 6 travels in the city without charging the batteries. 


An online portal will allow people to book its vehicle, know where is it, status of battery charge or replace it if needed.


Also there will be solar and wind points of charge installed on the main points of the city.


SARCOM is participating in this project as we are convinced that the future of our cities is based on the electric vehicle, but more that standard cars, small single-seater or tandem that on top of do not have CO2 emissions, it really speed up the traffic flow of the cities.

SARCOM investment on this project is 350.000€ apart of direct involvement is some research areas.

Green Energy Production

Mixed Solar and wind energy production points are been developed to charge all vehicles in the train and bus stations. The objective is to use green energy production to charge the vehicles, not use electric vehicles that obtain the energy from not green resources like nuclear plants.

Electric Vehicles

A new concept of vehicle has been designed: Ultra light, range of 100 Km, very low energy consumption, very quickly rechargeable and online manageable. The drivers will connect remotely to its vehicle through any mobile device (cellular, PDA, PC) so they will know, the exact point where the vehicle is parked, the battery level, Km done in the day, range of Km...

Online management System

There will be an online platform to manage the whole transport system. The platform will provide the following services:

- Book system

- Information System

- Billing System

- Management System (internal use only)





Green Reseach


for Ecological Cities:



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